Geo-Designer for DFM Analysis


DFM Analysis is the first step for part manufacturing. It is the bridge to link the part designer and manufacturing suppliers. Geo-Designer is a powerfull upfront Design fo Manufacturing ( DFM ) tools for designers and manufacturing engineers with innovative technology  3D casting Geometry
Geo-Designer can bring very clear benefit to casting part designer and mould supplier, such as the MDI/HDI analysis, slider checking, draft angle and undercut checking, ejection force evaluation, riser and feeder design, cores extraction, cooling system designer etc.


First Upfront Analysis Tool for  
Design fo Manufacturing ( DFM )
Mass Distribution Index ( MDI )
Heat Distribution Index ( HDI )


With the 'Free Design' module, design engineers can speed-up the gating system design from hours to minutes, also the design work becomes so interesting and easily. There are three design levels in 'Free Design', the gating system level, the runner level and the section level. With the three levels control, the user could adjust the gating system flexibility. Also, the KBE for gating system was fully integrated in the whole design processo to guide the right direction.
The design process was just like the drafting on the paper. The userdrafts the control points and the feature lines of the sprue runner, main runner and gate runner, then drags and moves the control points or features points in the main view in mouse. With Free Design, even a new user, they can start the design work after a short training, i.e. one hour or less. For a familiar user, only spend 10 to 20 minutes to generate a high quality gating system
While the runner properties and section properties could be defined by the design wizard and KBE system, the user also can modify the whole gating system in a few clicks. Free Design also supports pre-defined template library. The customize tools can help user to make customization in a few clicks.